" A "Quiet Revolution" is occurring across the nation regarding food production and consumption and Northeast Ohio is on the leading edge of that movement.  Consumers are gradually becoming aware of flavor and quality of local grown products and learning about the nutritional value of food like free-range eggs, grass-fed beef and vine ripened fruits... Together, these consumers and farmers are fueling the growth of farmers markets and other direct marketing methods that have the potential to transform our region. "     -From Entrepreneurial Farming, Part of the Plan for Prosperity in Northeast Ohio by Mary K. Holmes, 2005

In 2005 Red Basket Farm was created with the vision of being a viable piece of this Revolution…

A small family farm located in rural Kinsman, Ohio, we specialize in growing and distributing over 80 types of greens and produce known as “specialty crops”.  Our specialty crops are grown in a sustainable manner utilizing mineral based fertilizers, cover crops and other natural methods to produce the best tasting and longest lasting vegetables for your family or your customers.

The Red Basket Farm specializes in twelve month extended season production utilizing almost 20,000 square feet of greenhouse space and growing “in the soil” using the same farming practices as we do in the fields.  We are currently producing field crops on approximately 15 acres and we have been able to harvest vegetables ranging from Artichokes to Zucchinis in our ever unpredictable Northeast Ohio weather.